Sandblasting works!

We offer special cleaning services by the means of sandblasting and high pressure washing in Tallinn and all over Estonia

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Sandblasting raises value

Sandblasting helps to preserve and rise the value of antique items and buildings when it is time to give them a new coating of sealer.

We clean various surfaces

We have new and appropriate appliances as well as qualified personnel to give you the best service possible.

High-pressure painting

We also offer the service of high-pressure painting for covering the freshly cleaned surfaces in the color of your choice

Car, motorcycle, bicycle and other mobility equipment parts cleaning. Steel structures, fences / gates and all-potential metal objects. In addition we clean furniture, etc. aging / purification.

  • stone surface cleaning
  • log paneling or cleaning
  • steel structures , fences , etc.
  • plaster or stone surface cleaning old paint
  • and a lot of other opportunities / fields...

Ask for a price and we'll make an offer!